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Triad Connects is a FREE, curated community of hundreds of vetted volunteer startup advisers from Piedmont Triad organizations ready to support you.
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What if you could ask the most-qualified startup experts in the Piedmont Triad for FREE advice & networking with the push a button? Like a personal bat signal?

We get it. No matter if you're building a tech company, a restaurant, a new clothing line, or a fitness studio, you've got A LOT of questions. Like all the time. Questions that our community of proven entrepreneurs, investors, services providers, corporate executives, professors, and city planners is volunteering to help with.

Go ahead. Ask anything.

  • I am looking for feedback on a new restaurant idea.
  • Does someone know the CTO at ABC company?
  • When do I file for intellectual property?
  • Does someone know a VP of Sales looking for his next challenge?
  • I need a videographer for our launch event.
  • How do I hire my first employee?
  • Who can help with our Wordpress website?
  • Who can give us feedback on our prototype?
  • Looking for social media marketing interns.
  • How do I find affordable office space?

So now you are wondering how this all works, right?

You sign up

To request and give help you need to first complete a short application (including details about your business if you are an entrepreneur).

We're super passionate about making sure startups get good advice so we carefully review every application to join Triad Connects. Once you're approved, you'll get a Welcome email from us.

You ask for help

There are two ways to ask for help: you can send an email to connect@triadconnects.org or complete a short form right within the Triad Connects website.

Make sure to include (a) who you are, (b) what you're looking for, and (c) how it is going to help you so that advisers can immediately determine if they can assist.

We recruit experts for you

We match and email your request to a select group of qualified advisers based on expertise, preferences, and location.

As soon as a member of the community responds, we'll email you insights (they can also offer a call or meeting).

You (hopefully) reply with a quick "thank you" to build a new relationship.

Above all, we work hard to ensure that giving and getting help is easy and meaningful for both entrepreneurs and advisers. To that end, we ask that new members review and agree to our Code Of Conduct, Privacy Policy, and Terms Of Use. Our Frequently Asked Questions also has great info for new entrepreneurs and advisers.

Recent Bat Signals
We totally get it. Asking for help is not easy. Hey, how about we show you recent questions asked by local entrepreneurs? You know, to "break the ice"?

Can you recommend a local credit union for business accounts?

Looking for a local credit union because CUs usually have better customer service. I may want to use the same credit union to purchase a home, so if they’re known to be a good mortgage lender as well, that’s a bonus.

(Advice/Help Wanted) Data Sciences / Machine Learning

Does anyone in the group have significant experience in data sciences (machine learning/predictive modeling)? I’m working on an application and I’d like to build in some predictive capabilities, but it’s a little too far outside of my experience base.

Looking for social media interns.

We are looking for an intern who can help manage our social media presences and post on a daily basis to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Any referrals or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Meet The Experts

Here are just a few of the hundreds of vetted, qualified startup advisers standing by to help your startup with insights and networking.

Nicely done!

Triad Connects is a collaboration of leading entrepreneurial organizations with generous support from the NC IDEA foundation. The goal of Triad Connects is to foster economic development by helping create & grow local, diverse, and inclusive new ventures in the Piedmont Triad area.

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